No, Seriously, Which Word Should Be Banned in 2015?

If your internet is working, you’ve probably read this moronic piece of brain garbage written yesterday by Katy Steinmetz of TIME magazine listing her least favorite “words” that should be banned. (I say “words” in quotations because four of the fifteen “words” on her list are multiple-word phrases like “said no one ever”, but I digress.) Her list includes innocuous words like “bae” and “obvi,” but of course the number one word people want to ban in 2015 is feminist.

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Yup. Feminist. And of course, 4chan, easily the most woman-hating rape-porn-loving little corner of the internet, has decided to take time out of their rigorous whitehead-popping schedule to cast as many votes as possible against the word “feminist.” Why? Because they are protesting unethical journalism in the gaming community. My eyes are audibly rolling to the back of my head. This is the same group of cretins who doxxed Zoe Quinn, a feminist gamer they decided didn’t deserve the positive feedback she received for her game, because clearly when women are praised it’s because they must be fucking somebody, amirite? 4chan was in the news recently for leaking nude photos of multiple actresses. They’ve also threatened many other women in the gaming field with rape and murder simply for expressing support for Zoe. So. Clearly their ethics are of unquestionable virgin purity. Let’s hear it for ethics!

Steinmetz’s divisive gag-inducing tagline for why “feminist” is on the chopping block doesn’t help.

feminist: You have nothing against feminism itself, but when did it become a thing that every celebrity had to state their position on whether this word applies to them, like some politician declaring a party? Let’s stick to the issues and quit throwing this label around like ticker tape at a Susan B. Anthony parade.

Oh! Okay. It’s not like the GOP just won a landslide in the U.S. on a wave of misogynistic sewage. It’s not like said celebrities were sincerely and seriously sexually violated by the distribution of deeply private photographs. It’s not like the Supreme Court has made staggering decisions this year to make it more difficult for women to make medical decisions for themselves. It’s not like JUST THIS WEEK, Michigan passed a law that women need to have a separate insurance policy to cover an abortion in case they get raped. 

Gosh. Feminists are so annoying. Why can’t they just stick to the issues?

My friends on Facebook have had a field day with this, saying which words and phrases they want banned in 2015. My personal favorites are “Hey baby can I get a smile” and “Let’s ban ‘I’m leaving’ because I never want to be alone again.” Just for funzies, here’s my own little poll for words that should be banned in 2015.

butthurt: Ah, the derisive term that turned the entire internet into a rape joke. I’ve even heard staunch feminists and progressives use “butthurt.” Time for this homophobic, misogynistic catchphrase to go, along with all the people who counter every single argument with it.

feminazi: Can we please just put this one to bed already?

fapp: Hey, you know what this world needs? Another onomatopoeic verb for thirty-five year old men masturbating in their mom’s basement!

hashtag: Don’t get me wrong, hashtag humor has its time and place, but when you’re speaking to someone WITHOUT screens between you and they keep saying “hashtag,” that is just…..awk….ward.

bitchface: Gotta love it when people tell you your face looks like you’re a BITCH when you’re thinking. I don’t have resting bitchface, I have resting thinkface. Deal.


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